A luxury that any house should have

This velvety, sturdy and waterproof airbed is a luxury that any house should have. We often need an extra bed and Couch Air® is always the perfect solution. Made of vinyl with an innovative security system and a double-seal air valve.

Uninflated it takes up little space so it can be easily stored or carried. Includes repair kit. This model is great anytime electricity is not available: Simply step on the air pump and see the airbed expand.

Important: Do not overinflate or jump on the airbed; use it only on surfaces cleared of sharp and cutting objects. Keep it away from sunlight and hot surfaces.

Find your nearest distributor and buy your Couch Air® now! Reject imitations! Only Couch Air® is the real inflatable couch that will solve unexpected situations when your guests or relatives come on visit.

R.R.P. €99.95